Mr Peewee The Drumming Puppet


The Drumming Puppet is the on going work of an Artist with over 30 years experience in "Retail Entertainment" Dave Southern was the performer in residence at the Albert Dock shopping complex for 8 years from the day it opened in 1984. He was one of the ground breaking Street Performers in the early days of Covent Garden London being a licensed  performance space. A regular at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, he has traveled and performed across Europe and the USA but has constantly bucked the trend of large city's and venues to work in smaller and often more rewarding locations.

"I believe that many people's first experience of live entertainment is in the street and the quality of that performance and interaction with an audience is really important. People enjoying what I do and having good interaction and engagement is crucial, not just for them but for me as well"

Working alongside retail shops and traders for so long has enabled Dave to tune in to many of their concerns and needs.

"It's important that your volume is not so loud that it impacts on communication with customers. I am saddened by performers who use amplification as a barrier to keep other performers away, particularly when busking. There is no need for this and will ultimately upset the public. People should be able to make a choice on what they listen to based on content not volume!"

The Drumming Puppet uses minimal volume and draws people in with interaction and visual imagery. The Puppet is able to work remarkably close to markets without negative impact.

"Good retailers know that happy shoppers spend more money! If they are having a good day and feeling alright about life they are more likely to spend that bit more. Good street entertainment has a place in helping to provide this atmosphere" 

The Puppet plays a wide range of music from the 50's 60's and 70's. He try's not to repeat songs in the same day unless they are requests.

"I am keen to work in a variety of new and different places and love venues and events that are a little wacky or off the beaten track!"

Have a look at the videos and images and please get in touch if you think we might go well at your event, however The Drumming Puppet does not do children's party's, sorry to disappoint.